eAssisted creating of materials

SAP Solution -B plus C

eAssisted creating of materials Solution in SAP serves as an assistant to the material creation process and works with the MM module in SAP where it allows you to track, notify and manage materials created by different areas.

Advantages of the eAssisted creating of materials solution

This assistand allows you to integrate in a single transaction all the areas involved in the creation of a new material for your business, notifying them and and allowing them to capture the status, details and characteristics of the material. One of the special features of this assistand is that it will allow them to monitor and follow up on the process of creating new materials.


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    Technical Details

    • Solution built in ABAP.

    • Connects to the MM module.

    • Connects to material creation web portal,

    • Available for ECC and S4HANA

    eAssisted creating of materials – Optimize time and management for creating your materials in SAP.