eBudget Control

SAP Solution – B plus C

eBudget Control  in SAP allows the company to have visibility into the exercise of its budget in real time and in a consolidated way.

It is aligned with the accounting moments published by CONAC for income and egress cycle and obtains information from FM, MM, FI, TRM or SD modules (as the case may be).


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    Advantages of the eBudget Control solution

    • Real-time visibility into the budget year.

    • 100% parameterizable report.

    • Each concept shows the detail of SAP documents.

    • Filters for each account assignment element.

    • Possibility to display accumulated balance to the period.

    • Filter at the date level and not just by period.

    • The budget is displayed according to the accounting moments indicated by CONAC for egress and income:

      *Approved *Modified *Comprometid *Accrued *Exercise *Paid *Dear *Raised

    • Shows Total Spent and Exercise

    • Exportable to Excel easily and PDF:

      *Displays available and committed budget. *Exportable to Excel. *Exportable to PDF

    Technical Details

    • Solution built in ABAP.

    • Requires FM module.

    • Connects to the FI, MM, PS and Revenue module (TRM or SD).

    • Easily parameterizable.

    eBudget Control…Control the exercise of your budget in real time.