eCash flow

SAP Solution -B plus C

eCash Flow SAP it allows you to view in detail and in real time the revenue and egress of the company. Through reports it displays detailed information of all income and egresses from the whole company such as: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, bank account balances, cash book, purchases, sales.

It provides information that simplifies bank reconciliation, helps determine the company’s ability to meet its obligations to third parties, and with shareholders.


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    Advantages of the eCash flow solution

    • Loading and comparing budget projections.

    • Provides the specific detail at the SAP document level for each item of the cash flow.

    • Download report to files in Excel.

    • Internal balance management per cut between each flow.

    • Behold several societies.

    • Integrates business information inside and outside SAP.

    Technical Details

    • Fully parameterizable report structure.

    • Allows the collection of information in SAP recorded in the normal operation from the following processes:

      *Financial management: Accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash book, account balances, balance drag. *Purchasing process (MM) *Sales Process (SD) *Project system (by elements PEP)

    • Available for ECC and S4HANA.

    eCash Flow Solution… Have real-time visibility into your company’s revenue and expenses and take control.