ePortal Solution of Suppliers

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ePortal Solution of Suppliers is a web platform connected to SAP that allows you to receive and validate invoices from your suppliers automatically.

Through this platform your suppliers will be able to send you the invoices of your purchases, the system will verify the amount and validate it with the SAT. In addition, your providers will have a tracking monitor of each until they are paid.


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    Advantages of the ePortal Solution of Suppliers solution

    • Compliance that is the responsibility of the CFDI to verify its validity.

    • Cloud system so no installation required.

    • Direct verification before the SAT without having to pay a PAC for validation.

    • Aligned solution to tax legislation.

    • User and supplier friendly interface.

    • National destination classification.

    • Operational validations in SAP.

    • Control monitor.

    • Automatic notifications.

    • Streamlines the invoice receipt process.

    • Real-time notification to users and suppliers.

    Technical Details

    • 100% Web Portal does not require installation.

    • Solution already connected to SAP.

    • Connects to FI and MM modules.

    • Easily parameterizable.

    • Connects directly to the SAT.

    • Available for ECC and S4HANA.

    ePortal Solution of Suppliers… It helps and controls the receipt of invoices complying with the SAT.