eViatics SAP

SAP Solution -B plus C

Solution designed to determine exactly the amount that should be granted to the employee as an advance travel allowance based on your policies or regulations through predictive parameters.

The SAP Standard Submodule for Travel Management does not have predictive logic or can be configured so that it can be set up to determine what amount to be awarded to the contributor going on commission.

Our solution within SAP connects to standard functionality for: Checks, Refunds, Payments, Employee HCM Information, Information from creditors and debtors in FI module, Budget availability FM module, Generation of commission tardes and automated checks.


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    Advantages of the solution

    • You'll know the level the employee has at the institution or organization.

    • Approval of fare in case you travel with your superior.

    • Number of days counted per hour of departure and return from the commission.

    • Number of days per hour to be taken on a plane, car or bus journey

    • International Destination Classification .

    • National Destination Classification .

    • Real-time conversion to Euros and Dollars according to international destination.

    Technical Details

    • Developed in ABAP programming language

    • 100% parameterizable

    • It has data refresh tables without using code

    • Connecting to FI, CO, FM and HCM modules

    • Available for ECC and S4HANA

    eVIATICS… Save time and money by giving your employees the exact amount of smooth advance.