Humanergy SAP

SAP Solution – B plus C

Humanergy SAP Solution is a WEB platform for personnel management, organizational development and corporate integration. Humanergy operates autonomously or connected with SAP HCM.

Humanergy allows you to give clarity to your collaborators regarding their information, payments, career plan, policies, processes, events, among others. Humanergy is designed to integrate and develop your collaborators and take organization to the next level.


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    Advantages of the Humanergy SAP solution

    • Manage organizational news and announcements

    • Send notifications to your collaborators

    • Manage staff information

    • Each collaborator will have a personalized virtual office with their information

    • Growth plan by contributor

    • Employee evaluation and feedback record

    Technical Details

    • WEB Solution

    • Works autonomously or connects to SAP HCM

    • Easily parameterizable

    • No installation required

    • Modules can be added or removed according to the need of the company

    Humanergy SAP… Integrate and develop your collaborators and take your organization to the next level.