Humanergy Web

SAP Solution – B plus C

HUMANERGY WEB solution helps transform the management, relationship and communication of the work team. Manage your work team from a single, easily accessible platform, where your employees will be in contact with Human Resources from any device.


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    Advantages of the Humanergy web solution

    • Provide each of the members of your team, a user for a unique and personalized experience.

    • Register the necessary information of each member of your work team, in this area you can modify and delete the information.

    • Have on hand the necessary information that your work team must know to be fully trained.

    • Avoid filling your mailbox with requests from your work team, from the platform they will be able to make a request that will go directly to the person they authorize for a faster and more direct response

    • Organize events, meetings or meetings from the platform so that the whole team is aware of important dates and events. Easily Excel and PDF.

    Technical Details

    • 100% web solution

    • 100% Responsive Design

    • No installation required

    • Connects to any ERP

    • Scalable modular solution

    Humanergy Web… Digitalize your processes and provide a new experience to your team